How many UK parents read to their children every day?

Recent reserarch by Disney tells us only a third (30%) of the UK parenting population read to their children every day, despite 51% of parents surveyed saying storytelling time enables them to spend quality time with their children, and 47% know their children enjoy having stories read to them. I think that is very sad don't you?   Two thirds (67%) of parents and grandparents polled feel that modern technology in the home is distracting them from storytelling. As well as this, … [Read more...]

My mum told the best stories in the world

This post appeared earlier this week on my other blog baby budgeting which is all about thrifty family life but I thought it was right to pop it here too, in honour of my mum and world book day. Who Is Your Child’s Hero? My lovely mum always told me to be my best self and she gave me lots of examples through stories of how to be a hero. She always told me stories of people who did their very best to shape and change things so others had better lives. She told me about Rosa … [Read more...]