Understanding And Changing Your Household Electricity Usage

Sponsored post  Rising fuel prices, an ongoing recession and an increasing concern for green issues – yes we are all concerned about the amount of energy we use. As winter edges closer this issue is even higher on our agenda. Here are something you can do to keep your energy useage down.   1. Understand Your Current Usage   The first thing to do is realistically assess your current situation. Take a good look at your energy bills and note how much electricity you currently use. To help put … [Read more...]

The KnowHow book of Spycraft

This book contains lots of secret codes tricks and disguises. It is absolutely perfect for budding spies packed full of stories with codes to uncover. It has music codes through to morse code. It has quick codes and dot codes, semaphore signals and silent signals, spy maps, spy traps, invisible writing and more! Hours of pleasure for little spies everywhere.   The KnowHow Book of Spycraft The illustrations are fun and colourful and it is packed with information. This … [Read more...]

Review: Gladiator School

Oh how  i love my kids to learn when they just think they are chilling out!! Gladiator school is a series of novels for the 9+ age group that are set in Rome. There are fights in dusty arenas, traitors, disappearances, family loyalty, criminals and gladiatorial games, All very exciting and a great adventurous read for kids that like a bit of action and a bit of history in their novels. My son said these book were really exciting . He has read book 1 and book 2 and he would definitely read … [Read more...]

Amelie and Nanette

Amelie and Nanette  by Sophie Tilley is a very sweet and very pretty  picture book. It is about very girly little friends who want to celebrate their new clothes and shoes and so off they go to have a picnic. Their picnic gets spoilt but big hugs together and understanding mums make it well. This book ahs lovely vintage feel and some very sweet pictures. It is a very gentle tale. My daughter likes a bit more oomph to her stories and for their to be more character to her 'characters' but for … [Read more...]

Books to help with children and divorce

The essential guide to children and separation by Jennifer Croly is a practical guide written by a mother who saw how divorce affected her 4 kids. It shows how family break up impacts kids of different ages and how it will impact on different ages and stages of their lives. It is a helpful book with lots of strategies and points to consider  and it includes interviews with parents who have come through divorce as well as kids impacted. She looks at areas of loss , listening, new families and … [Read more...]

Review: The Reindeer Girl

The reindeer girl by Holly Webb is the story of Lotta who has dreams of having adventures like her Grandmother Erika who tells her stories of her childhood herding reindeer. Lotta's story is a grand adventure of finding herself in the world of her grandmothers stories. My 6 year old read this and found it all very exciting. It makes a nice change form dolphins, ponies and fairies and made her think of a different culture and climate too. There are some sweet line drawing throughout an d it … [Read more...]

Emma Chichester Clark discusses illustrating Pinocchio by Michael Morpurgo

It is so interesting to hear Emma talk about her work. Micheal has clearly been wonderful adaptive and flexible to work with. Naples sounds a great adventure too! I cannot wait to get my hands on the book now!                                                                                                                           Pinocchio … [Read more...]

Review: Mabel and Me Best of Friends

This is an  absolutely hilarious picture book about an unlikely but madly loyal friendship between Mabel and mouse. Throughout the book mouse is insulted again and again but he thinks it is directed at Mabel and sticks up for her so well. Finally Mabel tells him it is HE who is being insulted. Mouse is about to be outraged but thinks Mabel is just having a great laugh with him and in laughing the tension stops and they arr best of friends again. The pictures are ace...it is VERY funny and … [Read more...]

Kokeshi Dolls Colouring and Sticker Book

Kokeshi dolls were created in Japan and are adored all over the world. We even have one or two ourselves and have bought them as gifts many times. This lovely colouring book has nine stylish dolls that you can colour and stick  and decorate. The stickers are plentiful (over 100)and of great quality and this is a unique and lovely book. There are nine dolls in total with families, accessories and favourite friends. Simply gorgeous. Illustrated by Jessica Secheret and published by Blue … [Read more...]

The Buccaneering Book of Pirates

This book is beautiful and a lovely gift for a child who loves their pirates. It is a nice hard back  of a good size with 5 detailed pirate stories. It is  well illustrated and exciting! Actually it is far more than just a collection of exciting pirate stories. It contains an absolutely brilliant, detailed and informative 3d pirate to hang in a child's bedroom and it is HUGE! and great quality. It will be a fab addition to a child's bedroom wall and its a delight. Removing it in no way harms … [Read more...]