Easter Books for Pre-Schoolers

Easter Sticker Book by Candle Books is lovely! It tells the story of Easter in very straightforward terms. The story is  supported by large and colourful illustrations. It also contains 4 pages of stickers to really encourage the child to engage. The book is paper back and about 12 pages long and good for pre-school children up to about 6. My daughter is 5 and had great fin completing this book £2.99 from Amazon   Another cute easter box of mini books by Candle, This set … [Read more...]

Santa’s midnight sleighride (a fingertrail book)

This is a very cute book for toddlers telling them the story of Santa loading up his sleigh and coming out to deliver gifts on Christmas eve. It is a finger trail book so they get to pop their little fingers in the grooves and follow Santa's sleigh, his whoosh down the chimney, the reindeers little footprints and so on. This is a really good way of helping a child stay focuses on a story and helping them literally follow it's path, It's very cute, simple story of Santa's midnight sleigh … [Read more...]

Review: The Fox’s Tale – The First Christmas

The Fox's Tale - The First Christmas is by Nick Butterworth & Mick Inkpen what a fab collaboration. You just know it's going to be good don't you! Well it's a very sweet little story of the very first Christmas as seen though the eyes of a fox. Scared of the angels because he can smell no scent fox vividly draws us into his experience of witnessing jesus birth. The pictures are delightful and it is a simply told but interesting view of that first Christmas and how the birth of a king … [Read more...]

Walter & the No-Need-to Worry Suit by Rachel Bright

Rachel Bright is a wonderful writer always sensitive to children's needs and concerns and yet again she has written a lovely book. Walter and the no need to worry suit is a  great story but also a great lesson to share with our kids.  Walter is the biggest worrier in Woolly Bottom and his friend Winnie is happy go lucky and this is their story. Walters worries are of just the kind of things kids worry about dreams, and losing teddy and SPORTS DAY!!Walters worries get so huge and silly … [Read more...]

3 Book Reviews: The Christmas Nativity Story for Kids

Baby Jesus Lion Hudson £3.99 This a sweet hardback filled with lovely shaped picture tabs which will be delightful for a little one to hold. The  illustrations are colourful and happy . The story is simple and clear for a small child to understand. A lovely introduction to the Christmas story. My Own Little Christmas Story Lion Hudson £3.99 A lovely version of the Christmas story. Mary and Jopseph are bought to life as people with thoughts and feelings. All the … [Read more...]

A Selection of New Christian Books and Bibles for Little Kids

God Helps Me   Sticker Book 1 This is a lovely a4 sized sticker book where you simply use the sticker to complete illustrations of really familiar bible stories such as Noah's ark and the story of the fishes and the loaves. there is one line of text under eah story. I think a nice way to use it would be to tell your child the stoy then have them complete the stickers for that story. The stickers are easy to handle and a large size. The theme throughout is of God and Jesus helping people. … [Read more...]

The Best Present Ever

By Neil Griffiths illustrated by Melanie Siegel The Best Present Ever  is a sweet story about a king who is delighted to hear he is to have a baby and wants to get his queen the best gift ever. It's a very sweet tale all about loving and givijng and about how humble gifts can be surprisingly beautiful, It is lovely that it is the poor fisherman they all look down on that brings the most amazing of gifts in the most unexpected of ways. This is a book full of good feeling, the king even … [Read more...]

RHCBA blog tour: Lee Wildish

Our guest post is by Lee Wildish,  illustrator of Spooky Spooky House shortlisted in the Younger Children category of the Red House Children's Book Award 2013   From a young age I became interested in illustration and art, from doodles in my maths books, to the famous works of art. I still remember my first illustration that anyone saw. 7 years of age. It was at a chess competition, I did not excel at chess but there was an art competition too. I entered a rather odd funny looking … [Read more...]

Review: Oliver Jeffers – This Moose Belongs to Me

My heart gives a happy little sigh when an Oliver Jeffers book pops through the door. How I love Oliver Jeffers. He has depth and thought in every book. He makes you ponder the how of things and chal;enge yourself but he also tells a brilliant and simple story each time. with the most wonderful graphics. He truly is a master story book maker. This Moose belongs to Me is about a boy who owns a moose. You can't ever own anything or anyone of course and the moose refuse to be 'owned'. that sdoes … [Read more...]

Kid Lit Linky: October

Septembers kid lit linky was a great success... Time to link up all those wonderful kids books we have reviewed this October and be inspired by each other all over again Have you reviewed any great kids books this month? It so useful for other parents if you share those books you have read and your thoughts about them. If you have or if you do I would love you to add them to this linky so they could all be shared. The rules are simple. Please have a visit of at least one other person … [Read more...]