Competition and Review of Why Did Nobody Tell Me? by Mumsnet

If Gina Ford makes you want to hurl plates at the wall while downing neat vodka this book might be just what you are looking for said the Evening Standard. Well Gina Ford and rigid rules were never my kind of childrearing so I thought I might love this book. It is written by Natasha Joffe and Justine Roberts from Mumsnet. Mumsnet (for the uninitiated) is an online community of mum who have 2.5 million monthly members!!! It is a funny, forgiving accepting book that dispells myths of … [Read more...]

Precious babies – Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting after Infertility

Of course the journeys we take effect us. It doesn't matter that we arrive at the same end point. Our journey shapes and mould us and we experience our end point differently because of how we got here. This important book by Kate Brian deals with the emotional and practical impact of becoming pregnant and having a baby after infertility. It is packed with case studies  and it is a book of support and sisterhood. Chapters include  the test results, pregnancy, miscarriage, birth, the early … [Read more...]

Review: How to be a great mum

How to be a great mum explains straight away that being a gret mum is not the same as being a perfect mum , uit is osmething that takes both time and experience. This is a book full of advice, tips and tricks based on solid practical experience, The book spans pregnancy to the teenage years and takes a common sense approcah to parenting that is firmly focussed on the well beeing of a mother and child. I found this a really positive book that gave a lot of attention to emotional … [Read more...]

The Blossom Method

The Blossom Method by Vivien Sabel My first impressions were good. The cover has a mum and baby smiling delightedly at each other, also there are many illustrations and just 130 pages. What new mum needs to wade through over serious wordy and long text books! Released on June 7th this book shows you Vivien Sabel’s  techinique  to understanding the language of a baby and the ability to talk  back to your baby so your baby feels understood.  Vivien Sabel had a non-signing, deaf mother which … [Read more...]

Review: Now we have a baby

Having a new baby in the family can be a confusing, worrying, exciting, scary, funny time for other little children. It is a really good idea to talk it over with them before the event and give them some idea of what is about to happen. Now we have a baby is a sweet little board book by Lois Rock and illustrated by Jane Massey for Lion hudson.   The book describes what babies do and what this will mean the older child will need to do e.g 'babies sleep a lot so you will sometimes … [Read more...]

Win: How to be a great Mum by Tracey Godridge

* comp now closed  winner informed* How to be a great mum begins with the sentence a great mum isn't the same as a perfect mum. Children don't need perfection and no mum could be perfect. I knew I was going to like this book. Each chapter is clearly and succinctly written with a chapter summary at the end listing the main points. It dives straight in wiht good, solid advice. It covers expectations, pregnancy and birth, health , happiness life as a family, going back to work, It covers … [Read more...]

Engaging NLP for new mums by Judy Bartkowiak

Engaging NLP for New Mums is published by MX publishing. Judy Bartkowiak is a life coach specialising in using neuro linguistic programming with parents and children (NLP) It's about self talk and rules for really effective communication.   This is a neat little book that strips away jargon and clearly explains the rules of NLP which is very handy once you understand it. The first chapter looks at identity and self esteen and our belief system. These all get hugely … [Read more...]

Right Time Baby the complete guide to later motherhood by Claudia Spahr

Right time baby - the complete guide to later motherhood, is an infomrative read. It has a huge amount of advice for the later mother covering how to improve egg quality and increase fertility. It discusses amongst many other things, ways to avoid miscarriage, natural remedies, transitioning to becoming a mum and parenting secrets from around the world.   The book encourages a positive attitude towards mind and body and really advocates good health and mindfulness. It is written … [Read more...]

Your Pregnancy Week by Week by Dr Philippa Kaye

Your Pregnancy Week by Week: Practical and reassuring advice form conception to birth, (published by Vermilion: 2010) This is a very useful book taking you by the hand and leading you through the stages of pregnancy week by week addressing all the common concerns. It's not silly or personal or distracting  at all liuke meany such books are. It is full of common sense and practical advice and it covers: babys development physcial and emotional changes in you common symptoms what to … [Read more...]

When will I sleep through the night?

An A-Z of babyhood by Eleanor Birne This book bought back some lovely crazy memeories for me of my children and me during their first year. Eleanor writes  her moments and memories, snatches of recollections and thoughts arranged as an A-Z throughout the first year of her childs life. £7.99  Profile Books Macrh, 2011 She writes so well you get a huge sense of her protectiveness and worry, flurry and chaos, dedictation, and adoration of her baby. I love that she feels nostalgic for baby … [Read more...]