Competition and Review of Why Did Nobody Tell Me? by Mumsnet

If Gina Ford makes you want to hurl plates at the wall while downing neat vodka this book might be just what you are looking for said the Evening Standard. Well Gina Ford and rigid rules were never my kind of childrearing so I thought I might love this book. It is written by Natasha Joffe and Justine Roberts from Mumsnet. Mumsnet (for the uninitiated) is an online community of mum who have 2.5 million monthly members!!! It is a funny, forgiving accepting book that dispells myths of … [Read more...]

Review: Nibble Gobble Munch and the chance to win a copy of your own!

*Winner is Nathalie Taylor*   Nibble Gobble Munch is quite an extraordinary pop up book. It is very cleverly designed with the most amazing paper engineering. It is  really beautifully done and I keep discovering new bits to pop up, pull out and  rotate each time we read it. It's fabulous. Both my 5 year old and 8 year old really enjoyed me reading this book to them and they loved the visuals. Nibble Gobble Munch is a guide to food for kids. It is detailed and clearly written and … [Read more...]

Review: Gold Stars Activity Workbooks

Gold Stars is a premium range of activity workbooks for children, designed to reflect the national curriculum and created in conjunction with educational consultants. To celebrate 10 years of Gold Stars, they have recently redesigned the whole range to include 30 activity books boasting brilliant new colourful designs and new activities to engage children from pre-school through to Key Stage 2. We were sent some to review and I have to say they completely engaged my children who loved … [Read more...]

Review: My Reward Chart Book by Priddy

My Reward Chart Book by Priddy  is packed full of fun activities and  stickers. It has 20 reward charts and loads and loads of star sticker as well as special ones that say superstar, good effort and well done (for really trying heard) .  It is the usual good quality we expect from Priddy. It has   sections on why its important to tidy up, bathe and get dressed etc so if these are your aims these will all help. You can put whatever tasks you want your child to focus on in the reward … [Read more...]

Book review competition for kids

Let’s encourage 4-9 year olds to keep on reading during the summer holidays by getting them writing some book reviews  Every child who writes and submits 3 or more book reviews on the Reading Chest website will receive a certificate and a pencil, and the very best reviews in each of the 3 age categories (as judged by children’s author and poet John Foster) will receive 6 months free membership to Reading Chest and a signed copy of one of John Foster’s books. Reading Chest, is the UK’s … [Read more...]

Win 5 funny books and a pair of tickets to see Philip Ardagh and Guy Bass tell jokes

Next week at Tales on Moon Lanes Children's book shop in South London there are a whole host of fabulous events taking place. They are an award winning independent bookshop and they have a lovely reading festival lined up . Head over to The sun comes out on moon lane to see all that is on! It looks amazing. I'd particularly to ask  Cressida Cowell all about dragon training! To celebrate Tales on Moon Lane have given us prizes for one very lucky young reader.... 5 Brilliant books to be won You … [Read more...]

The Dangerous Road Game

Road safety is one of those issues that has to be repeated again and again to your child before it goes in. As we all know here at book reviews storytelling is one of the best ways to get a message acrosst to kids. The dangerous road games is a great learning tool picture book. Throughout the book there are warning signs that that things could go wrong in terms of crossing the road...can your child spot them? There are danger zone stickers at the back so they could get a sticker each time … [Read more...]

The 3 Day Nanny by Kathryn Mewes

Kathryn Mewes book The 3 day Nanny promises simple three day solutions to sleeping, eating, potty training and behaviousr challenges, I have to say my first reaction was REALLY??? Wow. Kathryin Mewews was a  Norland nammy for 16 years and now has a trouble shooting parenting service called the bespoke nanny. She should definately know her stuff but without breaking their spirit how on earth do you solve these problems in just 3 days? Her tips for eating are sensible and clear and rely on … [Read more...]

Precious babies – Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting after Infertility

Of course the journeys we take effect us. It doesn't matter that we arrive at the same end point. Our journey shapes and mould us and we experience our end point differently because of how we got here. This important book by Kate Brian deals with the emotional and practical impact of becoming pregnant and having a baby after infertility. It is packed with case studies  and it is a book of support and sisterhood. Chapters include  the test results, pregnancy, miscarriage, birth, the early … [Read more...]

Review: How to be a great mum

How to be a great mum explains straight away that being a gret mum is not the same as being a perfect mum , uit is osmething that takes both time and experience. This is a book full of advice, tips and tricks based on solid practical experience, The book spans pregnancy to the teenage years and takes a common sense approcah to parenting that is firmly focussed on the well beeing of a mother and child. I found this a really positive book that gave a lot of attention to emotional … [Read more...]