Review: The Compass of Now

  This week I have been reading DDnard 's bestselling book  The Compass of Now. DDnard is a best-selling self-help writer and spiritual healer from Thailand. She has sold over 1.4 million copies. In her book she tells the remarkable story of how she turned her life around from having debts of over $2 million to a fortune of over $4 million. All as she was coping with being recently widowed. She also runs retreats and speaks all over the world. I was hooked form the start I wanted … [Read more...]

Books to help with children and divorce

The essential guide to children and separation by Jennifer Croly is a practical guide written by a mother who saw how divorce affected her 4 kids. It shows how family break up impacts kids of different ages and how it will impact on different ages and stages of their lives. It is a helpful book with lots of strategies and points to consider  and it includes interviews with parents who have come through divorce as well as kids impacted. She looks at areas of loss , listening, new families and … [Read more...]

Precious babies – Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting after Infertility

Of course the journeys we take effect us. It doesn't matter that we arrive at the same end point. Our journey shapes and mould us and we experience our end point differently because of how we got here. This important book by Kate Brian deals with the emotional and practical impact of becoming pregnant and having a baby after infertility. It is packed with case studies  and it is a book of support and sisterhood. Chapters include  the test results, pregnancy, miscarriage, birth, the early … [Read more...]

The Blossom Method

The Blossom Method by Vivien Sabel My first impressions were good. The cover has a mum and baby smiling delightedly at each other, also there are many illustrations and just 130 pages. What new mum needs to wade through over serious wordy and long text books! Released on June 7th this book shows you Vivien Sabel’s  techinique  to understanding the language of a baby and the ability to talk  back to your baby so your baby feels understood.  Vivien Sabel had a non-signing, deaf mother which … [Read more...]

What Books help you Manage Stress?

Books that help with stress relief specifically are really useful to me . Life is busy I have two small children 5 blogs!!! and a busy social and home life and sometimes it gets a bit much! Here are some of my top picks from books I have read over the last few years to helping me manage stress. Health and Vitality is a great book which I discovered a company named A.Vogel have a product for stress relief which is made from valerian-hops and is all natural which I … [Read more...]

Jo Frost’s Confident Toddler Care

This book is subtitled the ultimate guide to the toddler years and is full of the direct, solid advice you would expect  from Supernanny hereself. For me the supernanny approach has some hits and some misses.   I love her touchstones for the toddler years (basically her top 8 tips) and feel she models them beautifully in practice. Jo Frost does communicate clearly adopts a positive mindset repeats again and again is consistant gives encouragment estblishes … [Read more...]

Toddlers: An Instruction manual by Joanne Mallon

Oh, I loved this book! Toddlers: an instruction manual doesn't shy away from dealing with tricky issues a toddler can bring. It deals with them head on and contins  lots of postive advice and insights. Joanne Mallon is a lifecoach and a parent dish blogger. She really knows her stuff about child development and about what parents need. Through this book she offers the perspective of some delightful parents whose writings are witty and warm.  She offers expert tips and useful research. She … [Read more...]

If you had hours to read what books would you choose….?

When I was a child some of my best holidays were spent in tents and on caravan parks by the English seaside. Not because I didn’t love the sunshine but because of the English weather, I’d spend hours reading as it would often rain, but these wouldn’t be snatched moments between activities oh no. They would be hours of reading because there was no TV and nothing to do except scrabble or monopoly and that wasn’t for me. I would read for long, non-interrupted allowed hours.. I think this is when I … [Read more...]

Review: Working Mums Magazine

I don't often review magazines, particularly online ones, but this one is brilliant and just  great for all the working mums out there. Firstly Working Mums Magazine is  free  which is always a plus in my book and secondly it addresses issues relevant to you and your life style . In the current offering you have some brilliant features. Let's take a look. In the 'offers and competitions' section you could win an ipad, a robot vacuum cleaner, free childcare and more..all perfect for a … [Read more...]

Right Time Baby the complete guide to later motherhood by Claudia Spahr

Right time baby - the complete guide to later motherhood, is an infomrative read. It has a huge amount of advice for the later mother covering how to improve egg quality and increase fertility. It discusses amongst many other things, ways to avoid miscarriage, natural remedies, transitioning to becoming a mum and parenting secrets from around the world.   The book encourages a positive attitude towards mind and body and really advocates good health and mindfulness. It is written … [Read more...]