Quick Reads for Busy Mums just £1

  Quick reads are short books by well known authors especially written for people who are reluctant or have little time to read.  Quick reads is sponsored by Galaxy chocolate and is a World book day initiative to support literacy and reading amongst adults.  Over the past nine years, Quick Reads has introduced millions of people to the pleasure of picking up a book by providing short, books by bestselling writers. These books will be available from early February from Amazon. This … [Read more...]

The Fast-Selling Paperback Trilogy that Set the Record

E.L. James, a British author, has probably come out with one of the best trilogy erotica's that are known worldwide. Fifty Shades of Grey is the initial installment that features erotic scenes including some elements of sexual practice that involves submission and dominance, masochism and sadism, and discipline and bondage. This novel has topped the lists of best-sellers around all of the world, including the United States and the United Kingdom. Does This Story Belong in the … [Read more...]

Books I want for Christmas

When I think about the books I want for Christmas there are both some old and some new. I have never read any Tolkien (I know that is hard to believe) but I do desperately want this book by Tolkien which I have been told is amazing. It contains  letters  from Father Christmas written to Tolkien's children telling all about his life at the North Pole. Sounds enchanting. I am going to get a copy for my sisters and her family too. I will so enjoy reading these to my children and I think this may … [Read more...]

Why I haven’t read Michael McIntyre’s book

His face grins up at me. But I look away! I love Michael McIntyre and yet I have his book sat by the side of my bed as yet untouched. That happens with some books doesn’t it? They just sit there unloved for a long time...usually because they were an unwanted gift, or because the topic is too heavy. (War and Peace sat there for about 2 years because it was so BIG! ) Yet I love Michael McIntyre. I think he is hysterical. Have you ever heard him talk about going shopping with his wife? It had … [Read more...]

The ebooks I am reading this Spring are…

I have just bought a bunch of new ebooks for Spring would you like to see what I'm reading... Emergency e-book!   Secret seven short story collection £3.99 Always worth putting something on my kindle for my 7 year old to keep him entertained and to give me some peace when necessary,  it saves me carting around a host of toys and I do love him to read. He loves these books! Fiction The interruption of everything £6.49 Terri McMillan is one of my … [Read more...]

100 Classic Ladybird Covers in One Box

For a stationary and book lover like myself the 100 Classic Ladybird Covers in One Box is just a fabulous treat. I can't tell you the delight I had opening this beautiful box of memories. Inisde there are indeed 100 loose postcards depicting Ladybird book covers form times gone by. They are absolutely beautiful. They range from Map Reading to Three Little Pigs to Learning with Mother and a cover to a Knitting Book. When I was a child we had many, many ladybird books and lots of these … [Read more...]


Tesco Books sent me Delirium to read by Lauren OLiver and asked me to tell you what mood it invoked in me. Delirium reminds me a little of Orwell's 1984, a government controlled emotionally void world where all the problems of messy emotions have been cured. But love of course, in the tradition of all the best romantic novels, overpowers and overwhelms control. This book was emotional, addictive, gripping, frightening and it made me feel passionate and young too. This was defiately a book … [Read more...]

The Big Book Swap March 29th

 ROOM TO READ LAUNCHES THE BIG BOOK SWAP Swap, donate and educate - global non-profit champions National Book Swap Day on March 29    Room to Read, a global non-profit that empowers millions of children in the developing world through education, is urging people across the UK to share their love of books and participate in the Big Book Swap, launching on March 29th 2011.  The Big Book Swap is an initiative designed to bring people together through a shared interest in books and raise … [Read more...]

My Favourite Book

Oh!   How difficult it is to choose.  I instantly think of Yeats and Louis Mcniece,  wondeful poets who enchant me. F Scott Fitzgeral and the Diamond as Big as the Ritz and Tender is the Night so sublimely well written, books to dance too. Rebecca and I Capture the Castle brimming with mood and emotion and romamce. I think about Charlottes Web and The Magic Faraway tree enchanting stoires of my youth, dozens of Agatha Christies especially Poirot who I adore, read at my gorgeous Grandads … [Read more...]

Mistress of the storm – A classic in the making?

Mistress Storm is published by  David Fickling, which also publishes books such as Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night and Philip Pullman’s books. Like these books it is billed as having a  cross-over appeal, being read by adults and children This book has been referred to as a  'classic in the making’ It's about smuggling, boats, witches, heroines and children. I didn't expect to like it (or I confess to read every page) but I did! It is the first book by the ayuthor Melanie Welsh and the … [Read more...]