Review: Merry Meerkat Madness

Its a merry time of year in the desert, babies and grass spring up  where everywhere else there may be hibernation and bareness. In this book Mimi Skeema and Little dream are trying to find out wheat Christmas is all about and the result  is madcap adventure across the Kalahari. Many people love meerkats and Merry Meerkat Madness is a jolly book populated by he funny little creatures who are trying to understand blah blahs (that's us). That blooming advert put me right off meerkats but … [Read more...]

Santa’s midnight sleighride (a fingertrail book)

This is a very cute book for toddlers telling them the story of Santa loading up his sleigh and coming out to deliver gifts on Christmas eve. It is a finger trail book so they get to pop their little fingers in the grooves and follow Santa's sleigh, his whoosh down the chimney, the reindeers little footprints and so on. This is a really good way of helping a child stay focuses on a story and helping them literally follow it's path, It's very cute, simple story of Santa's midnight sleigh … [Read more...]

The Snow Bear

The Snow Bear is written by Holly Webb and is a perfect  story for the Christmas period. In the story grandad and Sara build an igloo in the garden with a small snow bear to watch over it. Grandpa tells her stories of polar bears and they get all snowed in. Sara is sad she can't get home to her mum who is expecting a baby. On waking  one morning Sara wakes up and is completely in a new world of snow and ice and finds a little bear who needs to get to his mum too.   This book is … [Read more...]

The Lion Book of Two-Minute Christmas Stories

What a great book! Packed with 10 2 minute Christmas tales are a delight. They come from  different countries and parts of the gospel all with a united theme of celebrating the Christmas season. They are stories of old from the bible and from folk tradition and they really are lovely. Perfectly old fashioned story telling  where good triumphs over evil and all is well with the world. Kids get Christmassy long before Christmas and you can easily run out of stories. This little book will … [Read more...]