Get dads reading with their kids…a word from James Patterson

Booktrust have launched a new campaign to get dads reading to their kids. New rasearch has found : 43% of mums read to their child everyday in comparison to just 26% of dads. The top reasons dads give for not reading with their children more often are: 1. I get home from work too late (26%) 2. I feel too tired (22%) 3. I feel like I read to my child enough (19%) 4. I don’t have enough time (18%) 5. My partner likes to do the reading (12%) 37% of dads claimed to read to their child … [Read more...]

Review: How to be a world explorer (not for parents)

How to be a world explorer is a new book from Lonely Planet. It's a book for children who want to know why explorers wear corked hats, or how to survive an elephant attack. There are many such children out there! It is a training manual on how to build an igloo and navigate the stars, tame a camel and how to make your own compass. It's for Bear Grylls wannabees. Throughout this explorer's training manual the life's of explorers are neatly woven in and children will be enthralled. The … [Read more...]

Jo Frost’s Confident Toddler Care

This book is subtitled the ultimate guide to the toddler years and is full of the direct, solid advice you would expect  from Supernanny hereself. For me the supernanny approach has some hits and some misses.   I love her touchstones for the toddler years (basically her top 8 tips) and feel she models them beautifully in practice. Jo Frost does communicate clearly adopts a positive mindset repeats again and again is consistant gives encouragment estblishes … [Read more...]

Win: How to calm a challenging child

*the winner is Sally Smith* How to calm a challenging child by Miriam Chachamu is intended to be a simple book about family dynamics with  positive advice from a family therapy expert. Miriam writes in such an accessible way it is very easy to get completely lost in this book nodding along in agreement to the variuos scenaios she presents . She completelty 'gets' the situations that arise form having a spirited child and the way she explains the dynamics around this is illuminting. Her … [Read more...]

Reading Resolutions for 2012

I resolve to spend at least 20 mins a day involved in reading/storytelling with each of my children. I resolve to go once a month round all my neighbourhood charity shops to find great new books for my kids I resolve to sort out their bookcases and put away books they have outgrown (except for their favourites) I resolve to put in more book shelving so they can keeop their books really tidy. I resolve to use this fab book by Jacqueline Wilson 100 great books to read aloud  just 1p … [Read more...]

Stop Talking Start Doing

Are you looking forward to a new year? It won't be long now will it and I bet you have tons of resolutions up your sleeve. We all do it don't we, talk, think plan how we aew going to change things it's the DOING that's the hard bit. This book: Stop Talking, Start Doing by Shaa Wasmund and Richard Newton is subtitled 'a kick in the pants in six parts.' The book is for people who have ideas, dreams and ambitions but secretly fear they will never do it.  It is a quick easy read and is full … [Read more...]

Postcards from Time and Space 100 Doctor Who Postcards in one box

In this fab Postacards from time and space box are one hundred postcards of many of Doctor Who's iconic characters. There are also postcards of the myriad of monsters he has encountered and amazing places that Doctor Who has visited. A fan will adore this. The postcards are lovely quality too and will save the buyer a small fortune on stationary over the coming year (if they can bear to part with them that is! These retail at £14.99. great Christmas gift idea for a serious … [Read more...]

100 Classic Ladybird Covers in One Box

For a stationary and book lover like myself the 100 Classic Ladybird Covers in One Box is just a fabulous treat. I can't tell you the delight I had opening this beautiful box of memories. Inisde there are indeed 100 loose postcards depicting Ladybird book covers form times gone by. They are absolutely beautiful. They range from Map Reading to Three Little Pigs to Learning with Mother and a cover to a Knitting Book. When I was a child we had many, many ladybird books and lots of these … [Read more...]

The Happy Birthday Party as told by Peter Andre

This is a cute little story told by Peter Andre to his kids and written by Sarah Fabinay. It's all about 2 little boys (Pete and his brother?) throwing a surprise party for their sister Deb and all that this entails, making hats, bunting, gifts etc. Pete says these these books are about sharing his childhood experiecnes and those he had with his children. It is nice to see the dad figure as the sole parent in these books doing a bit of craft and washing up . Its also nice to see the children … [Read more...]

Teething Pains by Ben Wakeling

Teething Pains  how to survive being a dad by Ben Wakeling is the follow on to his fab first book Goodbye Pert Breasts which was all about being an expectant dad and  which I reviewed here.  In this follow on book Ben shares with his readers the joys of his parenting in the same funny, irreverant manner we have come to know him for. What I love about Ben's writing (and I do love it, although he's sometimes really naughty about women) is the balance he achieves between making you laugh and … [Read more...]