Review: The Compass of Now

  This week I have been reading DDnard 's bestselling book  The Compass of Now. DDnard is a best-selling self-help writer and spiritual healer from Thailand. She has sold over 1.4 million copies. In her book she tells the remarkable story of how she turned her life around from having debts of over $2 million to a fortune of over $4 million. All as she was coping with being recently widowed. She also runs retreats and speaks all over the world. I was hooked form the start I wanted … [Read more...]

Miles Kelly: World Book Day Secret Gifting

Books are one of my most favourite gifts to give. Whether that be new books, second hand books or books ofmy own I alsways know in giving a book I am giving someone an experience and one that will stay in their memory. World book day is on March 6th (do check out the World Book Day website for lots of information on this fabulous event. It is without doubt a day to celebrate books! Many kids dress up as book characters and much book gifting occurs. To join in with these celebration we were … [Read more...]

Become the mum that you want to be with the new book Becoming Mum

Guest post from Koa Whittingham My name is Koa Whittingham.  I am a parenting researcher at the University of Queensland, a clinical and developmental psychologist and the author of a new book for mothers:  Becoming Mum.  I am delighted to be able to introduce Becoming Mum to readers of Book Reviews for Mums.    Becoming Mum is, I believe, a truly unique book.  It is the first book written to support women, all women, through the psychological passage to motherhood.  … [Read more...]

Lonely Planet’s Incredible Animals World Search

    Lonely Planet’s World Search World search is a new series for kids age 5 and up from Lonely Planet.The title s include Busy Places, Amazing jobs and Incredible Animals. We were sent Incredible Animals to review. It is a lovely, sturdy book with over 50 life the flaps. It is really colourful and 'busy' and great fun to look at. Pages range from posh and pampered pets of LA to Antartcia  and the Andes! The pictures are fun, they is a search section at the back which … [Read more...]

Great Places for Kids’ Parties (UK)

  Great Places for Kids’ Parties by Diane Mannion is full of tips on finding top kids’ party venues throughout the UK as well as party providers that will visit the home. This book is packed with ideas and inspiration, and contains exclusive party discounts and special offers. Each of the 23 chapters introduces a different theme or setting from sports to cinema and art to adventure. There are many major organisations featured in the book along with others that are less well-known. The … [Read more...]

Books for girls with adventurous hearts

Books for girls with adventurous hearts by babybudgeting on Polyvore The Girl with a Brave Heart: Rita Jahanforuz: Books Alice Through the Looking Glass (Best-loved Classics) eBook: Emma... I love books about girls with spirit and here we have two very different but courageous girls. The  Alice book illustrated bu Emma Chichester Clark is a feast of visual delights. She has drawn Alice as she imagined here and it is rather … [Read more...]

A selection of Christian books and gifts from Lion

Bible Detective: A Puzzle Search Book There is lots for children to do and see and puzzle out in this child friendly, informative book. Lots to help them think about read and really observe. I'm not great at spotting things in pictures and this book really makes you pay attention and absorb the historical and factual info as you go. Great for engaging kids. £8.99 Lion My Little Prayers   This is a sweet pack of prayer cards that cover lots of different occasions, They … [Read more...]

A Beautiful, Illustrated Version of The Hobbit

The Hobbit is one of those books that steals a place in your heart like Alice in Wonderland and the Wizard of Oz  Bizarre places populated by odd people who we feel huge affection for as we get older. My son has just read the Hobbit and blimey did he get excited reading it. He would garble off to me what was happening then race back to read more. It took him a while but he got lost in that new world. Well he was treading an old tatty copy that had been in our family for quite some while.  … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Deal With Anger Issues In Your Family

Guest post Anger is a perfectly normal emotion to experience and it does happen to all of us. What can get tricky is if the anger starts to rule your family. What to watch is how you respond to your anger, and how you deal with the anger from your children or spouse. One of the biggest myths out there is that anger is uncontrollable. It simply isn’t the case, and with family support and working together you can help deal with the anger issues in your family before they spiral out of … [Read more...]

Original Fairy Tales…The Red Fairy Book edited by Andrew Lang

The Red Fairy Book (Hesperus Fairytale Books) Andrew Lang was a novelist, journalist, poet and literary critic. Born in Selkirk, Scotland, he is best known for his collections of fairy tales known as The Fairy Books.This lovely red fairy book had just been republished in hardback by Herperus alsong with its companing ont he blue Fairy Book . Andrew Lang drew on folklore and folktales from all over the world to write his colour coded fairy tale books and he began doing this in the 19th … [Read more...]