Play-time Noah

Play-time Noah by Candle Books (March, 2012) is a chunky foam book for very young children. It will provide them with lots of interactive fun as you teach them Noah's wondeful story. It is vibrantly rainbow coloured and it has a foam piece on each page to pull out. Behind each foam piece is a picture (such as the rainbow, the dove, etc.  It is cute and fun and I love that all the foam piece s are different shapes to encourage further learning. My only slight misgiving is that there is a … [Read more...]

I Can Share (with pull out pictures)

I Can Share is a slide and pull  book from Little Learners, it is a lovely. padded hardback with round edges and chunky pages. It has big slide and pull tabs perfect for little hands. This book is every parents dream. It describes when to say please, thank you, when to  listen , say hello, have fun, play nicely, be patient and say good morning. The little pull outs expand the ideas. The animal illustrations are super cute too. Perfect for instilling some great values and manners in your kids … [Read more...]

The Blossom Method

The Blossom Method by Vivien Sabel My first impressions were good. The cover has a mum and baby smiling delightedly at each other, also there are many illustrations and just 130 pages. What new mum needs to wade through over serious wordy and long text books! Released on June 7th this book shows you Vivien Sabel’s  techinique  to understanding the language of a baby and the ability to talk  back to your baby so your baby feels understood.  Vivien Sabel had a non-signing, deaf mother which … [Read more...]

Review: Now we have a baby

Having a new baby in the family can be a confusing, worrying, exciting, scary, funny time for other little children. It is a really good idea to talk it over with them before the event and give them some idea of what is about to happen. Now we have a baby is a sweet little board book by Lois Rock and illustrated by Jane Massey for Lion hudson.   The book describes what babies do and what this will mean the older child will need to do e.g 'babies sleep a lot so you will sometimes … [Read more...]

My Big Shouting Day by Rebecca Patterson

My Big Shouting Day made me laugh out loud Sometimes books just get little kids and this book absolutely does. Bella is having a rubbish day everything is wrong toothpaste too minty peas too hot. Shout, shout, grumble, grumble all day long. Through playdates and through ballet she is shouty and moany. Oh dear.   Oh I recognise days such as this when kids complain all day and nothing suits them or is right. As a mum you see it through willing it to end but  knowing tomorrow may … [Read more...]

Big book little book cardboard box – a bookcase for toddlers

Look at this wonderful book storeage solution for toddlers that puts books right on a level where they can see and reach them. What a clever idea. Big book little book cardboard box is capable of holding 40 forward facing books so little ones can browse for books independently. It is a really strong, green storage idea that even keeps your house tidy. It costs only £12. Postage is free. How simple In order to get babies really enjoying reading it is important books are as accessible as … [Read more...]

Review: My very first prayers to know by heart

This is a sweet little book full of simple prayers about a world familiar to a small child. These are prayers of sunshine and flowers, the moon, our homes, and animals. These are short prayers to say out loud together and to learn. None of them are very long all of have joyful clear illustrations. There are asking for prayers and thank you prayers too and there is a nice balance of these. The Lord's prayer is also usefully included .   I teach toddler church 0-5's and we are going … [Read more...]

Jo Frost’s Confident Toddler Care

This book is subtitled the ultimate guide to the toddler years and is full of the direct, solid advice you would expect  from Supernanny hereself. For me the supernanny approach has some hits and some misses.   I love her touchstones for the toddler years (basically her top 8 tips) and feel she models them beautifully in practice. Jo Frost does communicate clearly adopts a positive mindset repeats again and again is consistant gives encouragment estblishes … [Read more...]

Toddlers: An Instruction manual by Joanne Mallon

Oh, I loved this book! Toddlers: an instruction manual doesn't shy away from dealing with tricky issues a toddler can bring. It deals with them head on and contins  lots of postive advice and insights. Joanne Mallon is a lifecoach and a parent dish blogger. She really knows her stuff about child development and about what parents need. Through this book she offers the perspective of some delightful parents whose writings are witty and warm.  She offers expert tips and useful research. She … [Read more...]

Win: How to be a great Mum by Tracey Godridge

* comp now closed  winner informed* How to be a great mum begins with the sentence a great mum isn't the same as a perfect mum. Children don't need perfection and no mum could be perfect. I knew I was going to like this book. Each chapter is clearly and succinctly written with a chapter summary at the end listing the main points. It dives straight in wiht good, solid advice. It covers expectations, pregnancy and birth, health , happiness life as a family, going back to work, It covers … [Read more...]