Baby books make the best presents

When my children were born I had lots and lots of gifts. People were so kind. I got dress after dress, baby grow after baby grow all of which were grown out if in about 2 months! Some were barely even worn. Such a waste. When my baby's were Christened I got a multitude of silver things! Sadly these are things that haven't really been used and that neither of them now want on display. There was lots of repetition. 6 money boxes! For their first Christmas? Well we were given so many cuddly … [Read more...]

Become the mum that you want to be with the new book Becoming Mum

Guest post from Koa Whittingham My name is Koa Whittingham.  I am a parenting researcher at the University of Queensland, a clinical and developmental psychologist and the author of a new book for mothers:  Becoming Mum.  I am delighted to be able to introduce Becoming Mum to readers of Book Reviews for Mums.    Becoming Mum is, I believe, a truly unique book.  It is the first book written to support women, all women, through the psychological passage to motherhood.  … [Read more...]

Republishing of Dick Bruna’s The Apple

  Available from The Tate online £4.99 The Apple, Dick Bruna's first picture book before he created his iconic character Miffy, has been republished by Tate to mark the title's 60th anniversary this August. To mark this event, an exhibition of Dick Bruna's silkscreens is at the Cafe at Foyles Book Shop in Charing Cross Road, London from 6 - 29 August 2013. Entry is free. I bet that is just gorgeous! Bruna's sweet designs are iconic and instantly recognisable. I was delighted to … [Read more...]

Buggy Books

When my children were little there was little more that I liked to do than to take them out in their pushchairs for a walk. I have always been a  busy purposeful woman so to have long hazy days where I just walked with my baby for the pleasure of being out and about felt very new and almost blissful. I would always take with me a drink of water  for me and milk for them ,snacks, a sunshade a raincover, a blanket  and a buggy book or two. Always prepared for the English weather and any … [Read more...]

New Christian books for young children

My own little books of prayers This is a very sweet little prayer book form Lion Hudson by Christina Goodings. These are some old traditional prayers and a few new ones that are great to learn by heart, They contain simple themes that speak to children about being grateful being sorry and trying their best. The pictures are expressive and touching. A lovely book to introduce children to the wonder of prayer that relates to their usual lives. Lion Hudson £4.99   Safe this … [Read more...]

Santa’s midnight sleighride (a fingertrail book)

This is a very cute book for toddlers telling them the story of Santa loading up his sleigh and coming out to deliver gifts on Christmas eve. It is a finger trail book so they get to pop their little fingers in the grooves and follow Santa's sleigh, his whoosh down the chimney, the reindeers little footprints and so on. This is a really good way of helping a child stay focuses on a story and helping them literally follow it's path, It's very cute, simple story of Santa's midnight sleigh … [Read more...]

Kid Lit Linky: October

Septembers kid lit linky was a great success... Time to link up all those wonderful kids books we have reviewed this October and be inspired by each other all over again Have you reviewed any great kids books this month? It so useful for other parents if you share those books you have read and your thoughts about them. If you have or if you do I would love you to add them to this linky so they could all be shared. The rules are simple. Please have a visit of at least one other person … [Read more...]

Numbers – pull the tab by Priddy Books

I think this is the best first numbers book I have come across. It is bright bold, sturdy and well made which is typical of Priddy Books.  The lift the flap and pull out tab are nice and chunky just right for little hands.  It features cakes and fish and children, clouds and clover and even a mini version of itself. This is a really cute, interactive little book. Just perfect for introducing a little 'un to 1-10. I'm  sure it would get lots of use, the photos are adorable! Numbers is … [Read more...]

The 3 Day Nanny by Kathryn Mewes

Kathryn Mewes book The 3 day Nanny promises simple three day solutions to sleeping, eating, potty training and behaviousr challenges, I have to say my first reaction was REALLY??? Wow. Kathryin Mewews was a  Norland nammy for 16 years and now has a trouble shooting parenting service called the bespoke nanny. She should definately know her stuff but without breaking their spirit how on earth do you solve these problems in just 3 days? Her tips for eating are sensible and clear and rely on … [Read more...]

Precious babies – Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting after Infertility

Of course the journeys we take effect us. It doesn't matter that we arrive at the same end point. Our journey shapes and mould us and we experience our end point differently because of how we got here. This important book by Kate Brian deals with the emotional and practical impact of becoming pregnant and having a baby after infertility. It is packed with case studies  and it is a book of support and sisterhood. Chapters include  the test results, pregnancy, miscarriage, birth, the early … [Read more...]