The Buccaneering Book of Pirates

This book is beautiful and a lovely gift for a child who loves their pirates. It is a nice hard back  of a good size with 5 detailed pirate stories. It is  well illustrated and exciting! Actually it is far more than just a collection of exciting pirate stories. It contains an absolutely brilliant, detailed and informative 3d pirate to hang in a child's bedroom and it is HUGE! and great quality. It will be a fab addition to a child's bedroom wall and its a delight. Removing it in no way harms … [Read more...]

Review: Read it Yourself Series from Ladybird.

The new Ladybird Read It Yourself series, a comprehensive, accessible and successful graded reading series, launched its new paperback books on 4th July. For the first time, the series included licensed characters from popular children's brands such as Peppa Pig, Moshi Monsters and Peter Rabbit. Not for  minute do I think introducuing these commercial characters diminshed the range. It is already packed with the classics the Pied Piper and the Wizard of Ox. Adding Moshi Monsters only opens … [Read more...]

Barefoot Books: Greek Myths for Confident readers

Oh how I always treasure a book form Barefoot Books. Always so beautifully crafted and illustrated they are a delight to look at and hold. Like a work of art . Greek myths have long been a love of mine. Full of excitement and intrigue and super powers and crazy creatures. My son who is 9 adores funny books, comic strip type often American books and definitely there is a place for these.  But they have become all he reads. I want him to have fun reading what he likes but also I want him to … [Read more...]

Review: Will Solvit

My son was sent the first four Will Solvit novels to have a read of for the purpose of theis review. It is testament to how much he enjoyed them that I have just popped on Amazon and bought the entire set!  Instead of the RRP of £60 I got it for just £14 so I am delighted with this. Will is the brainchild of the rather fabulously named Zed Storm (that CANNOT be his real name, it's way too cool!) The most exciting thing about the stories for my son was the little decoder which came with … [Read more...]

Review: Merry Meerkat Madness

Its a merry time of year in the desert, babies and grass spring up  where everywhere else there may be hibernation and bareness. In this book Mimi Skeema and Little dream are trying to find out wheat Christmas is all about and the result  is madcap adventure across the Kalahari. Many people love meerkats and Merry Meerkat Madness is a jolly book populated by he funny little creatures who are trying to understand blah blahs (that's us). That blooming advert put me right off meerkats but … [Read more...]

Review: Ruby Redfort -Take Your Last Breath

The Ruby Redfort books are written by the amazing Lauren Child (Charlie & Lola and Clarice Bean.) Ruby Redort is a 13 year old secret agent,., HOW COOL to have 13 year old girl heroine who isn't into ponies or ballet!! This book is populated with sharks and challenges but Ruby isn't afraid and ploughs on in.She has to  solve the case of the Twinford pirates while escaping a a vile sea monster and the  baddie Count von Viscount. She has to crack codes too. This is book 2 of the series … [Read more...]

Big Nate goes for Broke

My 8 year old loves Big Nate books they really make him laugh. It written from the first person and it has lots of cartoons in it too. Its about 2 schools that are arch rivals  and its about the 'ultimate showdown' between them. They have challenges such as pop quizzes and football and poor Nate's school just seem to lose at everything! But Nate relies on his strength's and eventually his creativity wins they day (plus Jefferson cheated!) Frankie (my little boy ) is 8 and this book totally … [Read more...]

The Snow Bear

The Snow Bear is written by Holly Webb and is a perfect  story for the Christmas period. In the story grandad and Sara build an igloo in the garden with a small snow bear to watch over it. Grandpa tells her stories of polar bears and they get all snowed in. Sara is sad she can't get home to her mum who is expecting a baby. On waking  one morning Sara wakes up and is completely in a new world of snow and ice and finds a little bear who needs to get to his mum too.   This book is … [Read more...]

Review: The Adventures of Achiles – Barefoot Books

Barefoot books are so beautiful they really are like work of art and they make people go ooh and aah a lot. Achiles is no exception. It is a large 94 hardbook book illustrated with beautifully drawn vivid pictures. It has 2 full length Cd's telling each of the stories too (perfect for car journeys or winding down at night) These storieshave been retold beautifully here and whilst faithful tot he originals they are also straightforward and accessible which is so important with greek … [Read more...]

Book Review: Robin Hood

Barefoot books have produced a gorgeous sumptuous book about the UK's most famous outlaw Robin hood. This is a beautiful hardback full of vivid beautifully drawn images that are like works of art. It is a book book filled with tales of Robin and his adventures. This book is for ages 9 and up and is a comprehensive book compiled form stories ballads and original resources. It is rather fabulous. Nottingham born and raised I am a big fan of Robin Hood and my children have visited Nottingham … [Read more...]