Bella Boo and Bloomer Fen

  My children are a bit old for picture books now (are you ever too old for picture books though?)  but I was enticed to read this one because of its focus on self belief, by encouraging positive thinking in children. I am a big believer in the power of positive thinking. The book is about a lovely ittle girl called Bella Boo and her adventures in her enormous garden. She loves to  dance play and exploring in her garden, but she is rather lonely. Then she meets an unusual  little tree … [Read more...]

Hattie B the magical vet

My seven year old daughter has just read the first book in this new series from Puffin called  Hattie B the Magical Vet . Hattie B is just the kind of heroine I like my daughter to read about. Hattie is no twinkly tutus fairy loving princess (though we do like them too) no Hattie is brave, clever and independent. Qualities to admire for sure! Hattie B is (obviously) a magical vet . She discovers a world of fairy tale creatures and the animals come to depend on her for help. She cures them … [Read more...]

Miles Kelly: World Book Day Secret Gifting

Books are one of my most favourite gifts to give. Whether that be new books, second hand books or books ofmy own I alsways know in giving a book I am giving someone an experience and one that will stay in their memory. World book day is on March 6th (do check out the World Book Day website for lots of information on this fabulous event. It is without doubt a day to celebrate books! Many kids dress up as book characters and much book gifting occurs. To join in with these celebration we were … [Read more...]

Lonely Planet’s Incredible Animals World Search

    Lonely Planet’s World Search World search is a new series for kids age 5 and up from Lonely Planet.The title s include Busy Places, Amazing jobs and Incredible Animals. We were sent Incredible Animals to review. It is a lovely, sturdy book with over 50 life the flaps. It is really colourful and 'busy' and great fun to look at. Pages range from posh and pampered pets of LA to Antartcia  and the Andes! The pictures are fun, they is a search section at the back which … [Read more...]

Books for girls with adventurous hearts

Books for girls with adventurous hearts by babybudgeting on Polyvore The Girl with a Brave Heart: Rita Jahanforuz: Books Alice Through the Looking Glass (Best-loved Classics) eBook: Emma... I love books about girls with spirit and here we have two very different but courageous girls. The  Alice book illustrated bu Emma Chichester Clark is a feast of visual delights. She has drawn Alice as she imagined here and it is rather … [Read more...]

A Beautiful, Illustrated Version of The Hobbit

The Hobbit is one of those books that steals a place in your heart like Alice in Wonderland and the Wizard of Oz  Bizarre places populated by odd people who we feel huge affection for as we get older. My son has just read the Hobbit and blimey did he get excited reading it. He would garble off to me what was happening then race back to read more. It took him a while but he got lost in that new world. Well he was treading an old tatty copy that had been in our family for quite some while.  … [Read more...]

Original Fairy Tales…The Red Fairy Book edited by Andrew Lang

The Red Fairy Book (Hesperus Fairytale Books) Andrew Lang was a novelist, journalist, poet and literary critic. Born in Selkirk, Scotland, he is best known for his collections of fairy tales known as The Fairy Books.This lovely red fairy book had just been republished in hardback by Herperus alsong with its companing ont he blue Fairy Book . Andrew Lang drew on folklore and folktales from all over the world to write his colour coded fairy tale books and he began doing this in the 19th … [Read more...]

The KnowHow book of Spycraft

This book contains lots of secret codes tricks and disguises. It is absolutely perfect for budding spies packed full of stories with codes to uncover. It has music codes through to morse code. It has quick codes and dot codes, semaphore signals and silent signals, spy maps, spy traps, invisible writing and more! Hours of pleasure for little spies everywhere.   The KnowHow Book of Spycraft The illustrations are fun and colourful and it is packed with information. This … [Read more...]

Review: Gladiator School

Oh how  i love my kids to learn when they just think they are chilling out!! Gladiator school is a series of novels for the 9+ age group that are set in Rome. There are fights in dusty arenas, traitors, disappearances, family loyalty, criminals and gladiatorial games, All very exciting and a great adventurous read for kids that like a bit of action and a bit of history in their novels. My son said these book were really exciting . He has read book 1 and book 2 and he would definitely read … [Read more...]

Review: The Reindeer Girl

The reindeer girl by Holly Webb is the story of Lotta who has dreams of having adventures like her Grandmother Erika who tells her stories of her childhood herding reindeer. Lotta's story is a grand adventure of finding herself in the world of her grandmothers stories. My 6 year old read this and found it all very exciting. It makes a nice change form dolphins, ponies and fairies and made her think of a different culture and climate too. There are some sweet line drawing throughout an d it … [Read more...]