An alternative valentines day


Are you unlucky in love?

If you are Valentines can be a depressing day can’t it. Everyone around you  showing off cards and choclates and flowers whilst you have nothing. Oh dear. It’s getting me down just writing about it.

You have other more cheerful options of course. You cold pretend the day doesn’t actually exist, take a sickie and just watch netflix all day (nothing romantic). Or you coud lose yourself in a good book. This is always my preferred option for shutting out the world.

The trouble is romance is everywhere.

Perhaps you need to reach for a book on a totally non romantic subject like accounting or horse riding?

Maybe this would be a good book to read so the following year is complately different and you snag the perfect partner.

or maybe instead you want to read something like this and accept your situation with positivity and with grace. Sigh.

It is not easy being single on Valentines. According to Pinterest there is a huge rise in boards called Galantines Ideas basically ideas for fun with the gals (girls) on valentines (thus making it Galentines.) I rather like that idea.

I would spend a single Valentines eating a delicious breakfast in bed, having the day of work, luxuriating in a bubbly, hot, perfumed bath, reading for hours, cinema with my girlfriends and then dinner out. I wouldn’t spend it moping or worrying life is way too short isn’t it ?

I might find a minute to squeeze in  latest video horoscopes  to see whether March and April might bring more luck in love, but apart from that I would have a truly fab Galantines day and totally spoil myself.

I hope you do the same.

Now where is that book on accounting?




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