Baby books make the best presents


When my children were born I had lots and lots of gifts. People were so kind. I got dress after dress, baby grow after baby grow all of which were grown out if in about 2 months! Some were barely even worn. Such a waste.

When my baby’s were Christened I got a multitude of silver things! Sadly these are things that haven’t really been used and that neither of them now want on display. There was lots of repetition. 6 money boxes!

For their first Christmas? Well we were given so many cuddly toys !  All kind and sweet gifts but not that entertaining for our babies!

My First Puzzle Book - Merry Christmas

Actually what we would have loved were books. Baby books are a lovely gift idea they are educational and entertaining , stimulating and fun. They also last a good while as babies begin but touching and looking, progress to being read too and a long way down the line they learn to read them themselves.

Baby books are also a really great priced gift to buy. Look at this fabulous book just £1.99 bright engaging and a great way to introduce kids to co lour. What a fabulous gift and just such good value

A baby record book is also a lovely gift idea  and this one is also just £1.99

Baby Memories Treasured Memories

It is so precious to mark down all those firsts and keep those treasured memories for later years.

Story books too can be read again and again, children love repetition of stores and to this day my daughter age 7 likes to hear a good old fairy tale. Cinderella is her favourite. We started off telling it simply from a baby book and now we embellish it in all sorts of ways and even act it out! Books grow with children. Baby books are gifts that really do last the distance.

Bedtime Stories 5 Minute Tales

Books also encourage sharing and bonding, cuddles and togetherness and quiet times together. Losing yourself in a book can start very young and is a lovely way to have a bit of down time. Books are  wonderful things to introduce into a baby’s life.

I’m sure their parents will thank you too.



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