Hattie B the magical vet


My seven year old daughter has just read the first book in this new series from Puffin called  Hattie B the Magical Vet .

Hattie B is just the kind of heroine I like my daughter to read about. Hattie is no twinkly tutus fairy loving princess (though we do like them too) no Hattie is brave, clever and independent. Qualities to admire for sure!

Hattie B is (obviously) a magical vet . She discovers a world of fairy tale creatures and the animals come to depend on her for help. She cures them form their  illnesses caused by the evil Imp King who wants to steal their magic powers.

Annalise declared it ‘really good’ and said it has lots of adventure and she wants to read the next one. That’s good enough for me! 4 stories have been launched straight away and the books are priced at £5.99




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