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Guest post from Koa Whittingham

My name is Koa Whittingham.  I am a parenting researcher at the University of Queensland, a clinical and developmental psychologist and the author of a new book for mothers:  Becoming Mum.  I am delighted to be able to introduce Becoming Mum to readers of Book Reviews for Mums. 


Becoming Mum is, I believe, a truly unique book.  It is the first book written to support women, all women, through the psychological passage to motherhood.  Becoming a mother is a monumental change.  Even when the transition to motherhood is smooth it is still one of life’s greatest challenges.  I passionately believe that women deserve psychological support that is grounded in the latest science, empowering, liberating and flexible. Women deserve support to become the kind of mother that they want to be.


The idea for Becoming Mum first came to me when I began trying to conceive myself.  I was reading lots of pregnancy and baby books and I began to wonder why a book to support women, all women, through the psychological aspects of the transition to motherhood did not exist.  Of course, I soon realised that, as a clinical and developmental psychologist and a parenting researcher, I was exactly the right person to write such a book.  The idea of Becoming Mum grew along with my pregnancy, as I experienced many of the challenges of becoming a mother for myself.  I wrote the first draft of Becoming Mum while I was on maternity leave.  Much of Becoming Mum was, quite literally, written while my darling new baby slept on my chest.  I think this makes Becoming Mum a uniquely sincere book.  The fact that I was literally leaning over my beautiful baby to type each word forced me to drop completely the veil of being ‘an expert’ and to, instead, write from my own heart.  Everything I wrote had to pass the ‘walk the walk’ test—if I couldn’t do it myself, I wasn’t going to put it into Becoming Mum. 


What can the reader expect from Becoming Mum?  You can expect to discover:


·        your unique parenting values, and how to harness these to become a confident and happy mother


·        how to use mindfulness and acceptance to create a loving bond with your baby and support your baby’s emotional development


·        techniques for coping with criticism, unhelpful advice, distressing emotions and physical pain


·        how to keep your romantic relationship healthy and your support network strong


·        flexible, step by step strategies for facing major challenges that can be adapted to your personal circumstances


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