Original Fairy Tales…The Red Fairy Book edited by Andrew Lang


The Red Fairy Book (Hesperus Fairytale Books)

Andrew Lang was a novelist, journalist, poet and literary critic. Born in Selkirk, Scotland, he is best known for his collections of fairy tales known as The Fairy Books.This lovely red fairy book had just been republished in hardback by Herperus alsong with its companing ont he blue Fairy Book .

Andrew Lang drew on folklore and folktales from all over the world to write his colour coded fairy tale books and he began doing this in the 19th century. The resulting book are complete treasure troves of fairy stories which include old favorites ike Rapunzel and jack and the beanstalk and Snowdrop( snow white) and a myriad of stories that haven’t lasted but are wonderful to read.

This is one of the original fairy story book that has shaped much of our literature and it is rich and fascinating, gruesome and magical and much more enthralling than the tame literature for kids today (perhaps not to be read too close to bedtime!)

I think this is an interesting  books for adults as well as children (perhaps mums and dads should read them first) .

The Red fairy book cost £11.69 and is available from Amazon.



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