Books to help with children and divorce


The essential guide to children and separation

by Jennifer Croly is a practical guide written by a mother who saw how divorce affected her 4 kids. It shows how family break up impacts kids of different ages and how it will impact on different ages and stages of their lives. It is a helpful book with lots of strategies and points to consider  and it includes interviews with parents who have come through divorce as well as kids impacted.

She looks at areas of loss , listening, new families and discipline and it really is an easy to read and supportive book. Useful for anyone wanting to support kids in this situation.

The Essential Guide to Children and Separation: Surviving Divorce And Family Break-Up (Essential Guides)

Lion Hudson: £8.99

Two Nests

This is a lovely picture book for young children that explains why families sometimes separate. It describes the story of 2 birds falling in love and having a baby but then finding it very hard to share their nest and becoming unhappy.  Daddy leaves to build a new nest and everyone is sad. In the end baby bird realises he can fly between he two nests and be happy in both places. Baby bird is also  well reassured he is love by both parents…a great message.

It’s a sweet ultimately positive story that would be useful to read to children whose parents are separating. Really nicely done with lovely illustrations.

Two Nests

Frances Lincoln £6.99

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