Barefoot Books: Greek Myths for Confident readers


Oh how I always treasure a book form Barefoot Books. Always so beautifully crafted and illustrated they are a delight to look at and hold. Like a work of art .

Greek myths have long been a love of mine. Full of excitement and intrigue and super powers and crazy creatures. My son who is 9 adores funny books, comic strip type often American books and definitely there is a place for these.  But they have become all he reads. I want him to have fun reading what he likes but also I want him to access more of the classics.

These books seem to have worked.

He has read,

Orpheus and EurydiceTheseus and the MinotaurDemeter and Persephone
He loved the minotaur!!  and he  has even seemed to get his head round pronunciation (though there is a very handy pronunciation guide in each book) The stories are retold simply without losing the magic of the mythical language and the pictures (unusual in more confident reader books) do break up and aid any complexities.

I really feel Frankie has now fallen in love with Greek myths after many frustrated attempts to introduce them attempts on my part. These beautiful Barefoot Books seem to have done the trick.

The books cost £5.99 each


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