Creating a comfy reading space


 Where do you like to read?

Having a lovely space and place to read is an absolute must in my book! (no pun intended)

For me the very best place is in the garden on a recliner in the sunshine with no one else around. Perhaps a bird tweeting in the air and an occasional butterfly dancing past and a light breeze. Of course living in the UK doesn’t always (usually) make this possible so it is important I create a comfy reading space indoors too.

I used to like to read in bed but since I became a mum I am usually too shattered when my head hits the pillow. When I am in the bath my books tend to get wet and crinkly no matter how hard I try to keep them dry.

So I need to create a little reading nook where I can cuddle up and read in comfort.

I do like the idea of recliner sofas so I could really settle back in comfort. I like to stretch out my legs and have lots of space to read. I also like peace and quiet so maybe I would put my recliner sofa in the conservatory and lock myself in away from the kids!

Maybe a lovely lamp close by to give me focused light on the book I am reading .  Anglepoise lights are just perfect for that.

Perhaps the sofa could be near a fireplace too to help me feel all cosy. I love real fire light and wood burning stoves.  I’d  also like to have nice throw nearby too, something very soft to curl up in.

Now I am ready to read for hours.

(Quite like a butler to hand for snacks too!)


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  1. June 21, 2013 / 6:02 am

    I carved out a nice, comfortable reading space for myself in the den where no one ever bothered to go 90% of the time… until I open a book. Then it is a parade of kids, I only have two but they rotate in and out. Anyway, a decade from now I will have a nice quite reading space because like it or not, my kids are going to be living in college dorms 🙂

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