What to buy a man who loves books?


Well just buying someone and amazon voucher or something off their gift list may seems a little dull. In some ways you may as well just give them money (mind you most book lovers and certainly I am delighted to get something off my wish list or a voucher) But what is you want to be a bit more ambitious than that. A bit more quirky?

Well I have been looking at Discovery Online Limited and I have found some gorgeous gifts for men (including those who love to read.)

Inflatable Beanie Chair

First up was the inflatable beanie chair. Looks super comfy and is easy to store as you just deflate it. Extra seating is always handy plus of course if the sun is shining you can easily move this outside, £17.95

Size Matters Giant Mug

How about a super sized mug so you can read without having to keep making more tea!   £7.95

Massaging Chair Cover

For all that sitting around a massaging chair cover is a must , you dont want them o get back ache form sitting still so long do you? £39.95

Vinyl Coasters

I absolutely love these fun and retro vinyl coasters for cups of tea at £9.95

USB Rechargeable Torch

and the USB rechargeable torch for when they are reading undercovers after lights out !  £4.95.Gosh its a few years since I have done that but my son does it and I often find him asleep book grasped in hand with a torch shining. Hard to tell a child off for reading though isn’t it. There are so many worse things they could be doing.

So just because someone loves books you don’t have to buy them a book. you can think outside the box a little and make their reading time even more special.

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