Where do you go book shopping?


When I was a child there was a little independent book shop at the local avenue. It was a little dusty and you had to be quiet and it had a peter rabbit figure in the window. Eventually a baragin book shop opened up nearby stole all the customers and the Peter Rabbit shop shut down. Then the big cheap shop book shop did too.

Much later when I was in my twenties another lovely bookshop opened up. It was rather wonderful it had a reading corner, a next day order service and staff you imagine could only work in a bookshop.I did my first ever book signing there when my book ‘How to afford time off with your baby’ was published. Lots of my family and friends came and it was a VERY special day. Sadly rent prices pushed this book shop out of town too.

As a treat nowadays I will head into the city centre and spend a morning browsing and buying books from Waterstones  ah indeed one of the pleasures of my life. It has a little coffee shop too and always good deals on 3 for 2’s and such a wide selection.

I largely buy books from Amazon nowadays. Give me an Amazon voucher and I am in book loving heaven. I buy my children many books form Amazon too and am always delighted to find a good voucher or promo code which increase my bargains. I also like to buy second hand books from Amazon which are often exceptionally good value.

Lastly and most convenient of all there are supermarkets whose share in the book selling market is ever increasing. How very simple to just pick up your books as you do your shop.

Using this Tesco promo code you would get an ever better price for your books and supermarkets tend to offer great prices in the first place. Always check for a good voucher or promo code wherever you shop!

Last but not least the humble jumble sales has provided me with interesting and unique books I would never have previously found for mere pennies.

Book shopping has changed but it is still great fun!

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