Law books, technology and the right pair of hands


We believe that when you put information and technology into the right hands, you give people the power to shape the world.

If you have anything to do with law you have most probably heard of Lexis Nexis law books Well the above  quote is from Lexis Nexis and I think it is such an important concept to take on board.

I would love my children to be lawyers and to grow up fighting for justice. I would like them to use all the power of the internet, research and global understanding to make a difference to the world. Never have young people been in a stronger position to have power to make change. Information is at the push of a button as is the ability to information share and impact

Lexis Nexis say their research reaches 5 million people a day and helps them inform their decisions. That is some reach. It knocks my 8000 twitter followers out the water.  Whether through their law books, online videos or research papers this company have learned to share  in an impressive way

Given the right technology our children will be whizzes at sharing,  they won’t blunder around the internet like we have it will be as natural to them as writing. The potential power of sharing so widely is vast and we need to be sure the information and technology are in the right hands.

Lawyers of the future do need to be powerful well informed and technically able and they need to be, above all else, good people. They need to have the right hands to wield their power. They need to have respect, courtesy, a huge heart, compassion, tolerance and and measure. They need tempered  and yet dynamic thinking and they need to be brave and honest and challenging in the face of oppression.

So yes we need to ensure our children get a good education. We need to ensure they are filled with knowledge and  and are technologically completely capable.

Above all we need to be sure they are good people.  People who will make a difference in a good way. So teaching them manners, kindness, patience, and to be thoughtful are crucial. Yes they are the  old fashioned basics but these most definitely have their place alongside modern day law journals and the information super highway!

As Albert Einstein said

“The most important human endeavor is striving for morality in our actions. Our inner balance and even our very existence depend on it. Only morality in our actions can give beauty and dignity to our lives.”



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