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My own little books of prayers

This is a very sweet little prayer book form Lion Hudson by Christina Goodings. These are some old traditional prayers and a few new ones that are great to learn by heart, They contain simple themes that speak to children about being grateful being sorry and trying their best. The pictures are expressive and touching. A lovely book to introduce children to the wonder of prayer that relates to their usual lives.

Lion Hudson £4.99


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Safe this night

This is a very sweet book of bedtime prayers for a little child. The pictures are dream like and beautiful and these are gorgeous prayers for a child to learn. For me safe this night is a prayer from my childhood. So beautiful and a prayer I say every night with my own kids. This is a lovely book.

Lion Hudson  £6.99

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A little boys gift

This is a little board book depicting the tale of the fishes and the loaves and a little boy who helped Jesus perform a miracle. It is bright and colourful and there are fun tabs to help guide children through the story and make this a tactile as well as visual experience.

Lion Hudson £3.99

My Bible Story Collection

This is a lovely book to introduce small kids to some of the best loved and best known of the bible stories. It cover s Adan and Eve through to the birth of Jesus. There are large pictures and just a few lines of text on each page. The stories are written simply and engagingly . Good for reading aloud or for a young reader to read to themselves.

Jumbo Bible Activity Book 4

This is a bumper book of activities for kids. All based on stories from the old and new testament there are dot to dots , hidden objects, colouring, mazes, spot the difference and more, Their are pictures to complete as well as speech bubble and lots of fun things to do. This is a great way to engage children with bible stories and educate them at the same time. A useful resource that will provide hours of inspiration.

Lion Hudson £5,24


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