My dream writing space


At the minute I hanker after a  corner desk from John Lewis to write on . But sadly I have a scrappy little table in the kitchen where my PC is and it faces a wall.

I long to write overlooking the ocean in a glass walled house whilst my children play below me on the beach. The sea would inspire me and I would feel warmed by the sun and there would be a slight breeze coming in form the ocean. There would be white flowers everywhere and my desk would be glass and curved.


I would love to write by a big window in a conservatory overlooking a garden of flowers vivid and in full bloom. My desk would be old oak and I would have lots of drawers to keep all my bits and bobs. I would have a state of the art PC and lots and lots of pens and lovely fabric covered journals to write in.

I would like my own library filled with every kind of book. In the middle of the room would be a huge globe and comfy armchairs. A bit like in an Agatha Christie novel. I would have a strong solid desk there with an old type write on it. I would have real ink and a feather pen too!

Oh I can think if many wonderful writing spaces. Sometimes I write on the bus, in bed, under a tree in the park. Sometimes as I say just facing the wall. Sometimes I write whilst watching TV (but it’s often rubbish!) Where do you most like to write and where would be your perfect space.


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