Where is the best place to buy books?


As you know I love books. I love to have a new to me book and wonder whatever delights may be inside. I like to look at the cover for a long time before I start. I felt like excitement about books since I first learned to read.

There used to be bookshops on every high street but now apart from one or two big chain bookshops they aren’t easy to find. I think this is very sad, I used to love to browse for hours , find new authors and just smell new books. But I do delight in kindles and being able to carry 100 books art once. I love the convenience and speed of online shopping. I still buy books but I do miss the old browse and the cosiness of the local bookstore.

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So where is the best place to buy books these days?

I tend to buy my books form Amazon. The reason i tend to buy books form Amazon is because I spend my working day online and its upper easy to swing by Amazon make a few clicks and that’s it the book I want is on its way. I also buy books from Amazon because I am a big believer in saving money and Amazon of course has the option if you buying second hand.

My father in law almost always buys the kids books form the book people. He would have no ideas where to begin searching online and yet the book people drop a selection of books off at his office once a month so he gets to actually see inside and get an idea about whether they are right enough for the kids. Now, he tends to go online and look for the best deal often searching for a voucher code for The Book People first, where they currently offer up to 75% off Bestselling Books.

My mum always picked up books whilst shopping at the supermarket and would get very excited by the excellent prices! Nowadays of course you don’t have to drive and wrestle with a trolley in order to shop at a supermarket and take advantage of their value book sales. You can always pop to voucher code websites like My Voucher Codes to see if further money off vouchers are available at the supermarket you fancy going to before you do your online shop.

Ebay and car boot sales are other places where you may pick up second hand unusual books or people selling off sets. I have bought absolute treasures form jumble sales and some lovely second hand children’s books form school fetes and fairs. Books don’t need to be new shiny and pristine all the time…sometimes preloved adds character.

I think wherever you buy your books form you should try and get the best deal you can so I would advise checking out voucher codes and second hand options and I would advise shopping around. Leaves more money for even more books!


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