The Fast-Selling Paperback Trilogy that Set the Record


E.L. James, a British author, has probably come out with one of the best trilogy erotica’s that are known worldwide. Fifty Shades of Grey is the initial installment that features erotic scenes including some elements of sexual practice that involves submission and dominance, masochism and sadism, and discipline and bondage. This novel has topped the lists of best-sellers around all of the world, including the United States and the United Kingdom.

Does This Story Belong in the Workplace?

This story started as a paperback novel and has now began to take shape as a movie and is available in ebook format. The new movie of the story, already has directors, stars, and writers beginning to take their positions  and it is looking to be an adult version of the twilight series. Somehow the conversations of this story have ended up being passed and converged around various workplaces.

It all began the Fifty Shades of Grey ebook . It was easy to be share and pass around the source of the ebook without handing over a physical book.Sharing is what started it all . Women would buy the book and then share it, then mothers read it and started sharing with friends. Once the sales of the ebook took off, the media began to pick up and hence interest in the book.was fuelled.  What seems to be very interesting, is that the book was being recommended or passed along by friends. A plus is that the publisher of the story put a stylized image on the cover of the story so it can be carried around or even seen on a tablet or Kindle discreetly without people being aware it was erotica.
Now that it is out there, women feel that it is okay to bring their books with them anywhere, even to the workplace. It is not being hidden any longer, meaning it is talked about freely no matter where you may be.

A workplace is usually an adult only setting and  this means that there are adult conversations taking place there. So when something such as the Fifty Shades of Grey ebook comes into play, this should not be looked at as a good versus bad situation, but it should instead be managed, Some people may find it offensive, others will want to talk about such a current book.  The goal of a workplace should not be to make a sterilized environment, but to create a place of dignity and respect for each other. Book clubs for the Fifty Shades of Grey exist nowadays for people to share their thoughts there are also online forums to do just that. Within a work place there needs to be a time and a place for such discussion and respect for people who may feel offeneded.

The benefits of the Ebook

With the ebook version of Fifty Shades of Grey,  one can  take the book anywhere and be very discreet about it. Others won’t know what is being read and won’t be able to judge yoou based on the cover of the book. The ebook cover uses  it is a styled image that shows nothing erotic at all.


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