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My son was sent the first four Will Solvit novels to have a read of for the purpose of theis review. It is testament to how much he enjoyed them that I have just popped on Amazon and bought the entire set!  Instead of the RRP of £60 I got it for just £14 so I am delighted with this.

Will is the brainchild of the rather fabulously named Zed Storm (that CANNOT be his real name, it’s way too cool!)

The most exciting thing about the stories for my son was the little decoder which came with each book. It has to be slid over certain parts of the book so images will appear with codes to help Will solve the various mysteries.

By all accounts these books are funny and exciting.  Will goes to varied points in histoiry to solve different mysteries and whole new worlds open up to thereaders.

The books even have their own website at  You can get book 1 as a free download by visiting the website which is a great way to know if your child is going to be interested.

I love all the histiorical settings and I always like my kids to read about adventurers. The decoder is off course a huge hit and the comic strips and many different visuals included make for a nintersting reading experience.

These books are very engaging.

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