Walter & the No-Need-to Worry Suit by Rachel Bright


Rachel Bright is a wonderful writer always sensitive to children’s needs and concerns and yet again she has written a lovely book. Walter and the no need to worry suit is a  great story but also a great lesson to share with our kids.  Walter is the biggest worrier in Woolly Bottom and his friend Winnie is happy go lucky and this is their story.

walter and the no need to worry suit, Rachel bright

Walters worries are of just the kind of things kids worry about dreams, and losing teddy and SPORTS DAY!!Walters worries get so huge and silly that everyone chuckles but he thinks he may POP with worry. Winnie sorts him out however they made him a suit that took care of all his worry needs Eventually Walter sees he doesn’t need it because he has his friends.My kids loved this and we have read it a fair few times now. Funny pictures too.

It’s a funny silly but serious story too and that is Rachel Bright at her best. I think she ‘s probably my favourite kids author at the moment (ssh don’t tell the others!)


£6.99 HarperCollins

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