Review: Merry Meerkat Madness


Its a merry time of year in the desert, babies and grass spring up  where everywhere else there may be hibernation and bareness. In this book Mimi Skeema and Little dream are trying to find out wheat Christmas is all about and the result  is madcap adventure across the Kalahari.

Many people love meerkats and Merry Meerkat Madness is a jolly book populated by he funny little creatures who are trying to understand blah blahs (that’s us).

That blooming advert put me right off meerkats but in this book they are sweet, endearing and funny ,

A  fun read for readers age 7+

Written by the prolific Ian Whybrow and illustrated (really well with cute and funny B&W  drawing by Sam Hearn) There are a range of the Meerkat books available. Publsihed 2012: Harper Collins

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