3 Book Reviews: The Christmas Nativity Story for Kids


Baby Jesus

Lion Hudson £3.99

This a sweet hardback filled with lovely shaped picture tabs which will be delightful for a little one to hold. The  illustrations are colourful and happy . The story is simple and clear for a small child to understand.

A lovely introduction to the Christmas story.

My Own Little Christmas Story

Lion Hudson


A lovely version of the Christmas story. Mary and Jopseph are bought to life as people with thoughts and feelings. All the traditional elenments are included. Lovely colours pictures and well wirtten

Peek and Play Christmas Story

Lion Hudson £5.99

This i a solid and thick lift the flap board book. Totally suitable for little stubby hands. It tells the Christmas story whilst asking questions encouraging little children to engage and to lift the flap to find the answer. A really good way to encourage their interest in the true meaning of Christmas.



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