Why I haven’t read Michael McIntyre’s book


His face grins up at me. But I look away!

I love Michael McIntyre and yet I have his book sat by the side of my bed as yet untouched. That happens with some books doesn’t it? They just sit there unloved for a long time…usually because they were an unwanted gift, or because the topic is too heavy. (War and Peace sat there for about 2 years because it was so BIG! )Life and Laughing: My Story

Yet I love Michael McIntyre. I think he is hysterical. Have you ever heard him talk about going shopping with his wife? It had me in stitches.

But I am a bit nervous of reading it you see because what I like about him is his persona..who he seems to be. His comedy routine makes me think of him as a hapless, sweet, hardworking, funny,  slightly perplexed dad and husband who’s really lovely to have around.

What if I read his book? Maybe he would seem more business-like or maybe he would be a serial Romeo? No I think I shall leave the book just where it is and try and see him live instead. He makes me laugh so much, throwing open his arms in greeting and in joy, striding up and down, pulling daft faces and with his floppy fringe.  

So off I go instead on the hunt for Michael McIntyre Tickets.  Some things can’t be captured in print.

I’ve just had a look on StubHub (the fans SECURE buying and selling market place) and MIchael McIntyre  is touring at the moment right up until 3 December. He’s going to be at the Motorpoint arena in Sheffield, The Odyssey arena, Manchester arena, The O2 in Dublin, Wembley, The Metro Radio Arena, the Liverpool Echo arena as a well as some dates in Scotland in Averdeen and in Glasgow. Wow . Lots of options for me!

The book I fear will stay untouched.


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