Review: Ratburger


Ratburger is David Walliams fifth,fabulous novel



£5 from Amazon hardcover

Its a  number one bestseller and he is the fastest growing children’s author in the country.

My eight year old son grabbed it out of my hands and ran off to his bedroom with it  when it arrived. He was not seen again all evening (except of course for tea).

When he had finished it I asked him what it was about. Normally he gives me about 2 sentences . This time I could not shut him up. He got really excited, giggled lots and told me about people eating rats in burgers, double sided burger vans and people being made into burgers. Or some such story. Basically as usual David Walliams has totally nailed the kind of stories little kids absolutely adore and which make them snort.

In fact Frankie said  f JK Rowling and Micheal Morpurgo didn’t exist David Walliams would be the Best children’ s author in the the world.

High praise indeed Mr. Walliams!

Frankie said after Mr. Stink this was your best book to date.

“I absolutely love David Walliams’s books. In a few more years they will become classics.” – Sue Townsend, author of Adrian Mole

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