Review: Oliver Jeffers – This Moose Belongs to Me


My heart gives a happy little sigh when an Oliver Jeffers book pops through the door. How I love Oliver Jeffers. He has depth and thought in every book. He makes you ponder the how of things and chal;enge yourself but he also tells a brilliant and simple story each time. with the most wonderful graphics. He truly is a master story book maker.

This Moose belongs to Me is about a boy who owns a moose. You can’t ever own anything or anyone of course and the moose refuse to be ‘owned’. that sdoes not of course mean he doesn’t love and care for the little boy. Of course Wilfred hasto learn that he can’t control Marcel and that Marcel has other people who love him too. Some big life lessons in here!

This is also a funny book and I love how Marcel the moose breaks nearly all of Wilfred’s rules! Wilfred is a wonderful little characters with his records his bow ties and his braces and his wonderful little hair curl.

This is Oliver Jeffer’s tenth picture storybook. It’s equally as brilliant as the others.  It is available from all bookshops and prices range from £6. Available in paperback and hardback

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