Review: Extreme Planet (Not for parents)


Another amazing new release from Lonely Planet. Extreme Planet is a jam packed A4 hardback bursting with the kind of dramatic information that kids over 7 absolutely lap up. Its all about exploring the most extreme stuff on earth

It tells you about the oldest cave, the deepest dives and where the most sharks are. It tells kids about tunnels in Paris where bones are arranged and the world’s most bizarre place names . My goodness I have learned a few things browsing this book.

Did you know pitcher plants can be as big as footballs  and they are shaped like a jug with a lid on top. They have a sweet nectar which lures creatures in and then the lid slams shut. It can even gobble up mice and rats. How absolutely disgusting! My son and his 8 year old pals would love this!

Currently £9.69 on Amazon. The Extreme Planet will keep kids occupied for hours and they will learn loads!

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