Review: How to be a world explorer (not for parents)


How to be a world explorer is a new book from Lonely Planet.

It’s a book for children who want to know why explorers wear corked hats, or how to survive an elephant attack. There are many such children out there!

It is a training manual on how to build an igloo and navigate the stars, tame a camel and how to make your own compass. It’s for Bear Grylls wannabees. Throughout this explorer’s training manual the life’s of explorers are neatly woven in and children will be enthralled.

The book has loads of graphics and lots of fun and interesting facts. It has plenty of funny bits too and is accessible and engaging. It is very appealing and would make a great Christmas gift. It is an A4 sized hardback with over 150 pages of explorer tips. My 8 year old som will love this (we are wrapping it for Christmas day)

Just so you know if you are ever attacked by a bear

  1. don’t look them in the eye, turn to one side
  2. don’t run
  3. wave your hands over your head and yell and screech
  4. if they knock you down lay down face first and lace your hands  over the back of your neck and play dead……

Good luck!

A smashing book I could read it for hours (I know it says not for parents!)

Released 2 weeks ago this is currently just £8.39 and a fabulous book for Christmas. I’m buying 3!

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