How many UK parents read to their children every day?


Recent reserarch by Disney tells us only a third (30%) of the UK parenting population read to their children every day, despite 51% of parents surveyed saying storytelling time enables them to spend quality time with their children, and 47% know their children enjoy having stories read to them. I think that is very sad don’t you?


Two thirds (67%) of parents and grandparents polled feel that modern technology in the home is distracting them from storytelling. As well as this, almost a third (29%) of the population are too tired for tales, whilst another third (29%) feel that they get home from work too late, and a further fifth (22%) feel distracted by other activities at home.

Today Disney have launched an online Winnie the Pooh storytelling academy. It’s aim  to give people tips and tricks, confidence and ideas so if they feel neervous about reading or just work away from home there are resources on hand to help. No matter what,  you CAN  read to your kids.

Hav a look at the Winnie the Pooh Storytelling Acadamy  and bring storytelling alive in your home. You will be so glad you did. it makes people happy. Particularly little people.


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