Books I want for Christmas


When I think about the books I want for Christmas there are both some old and some new.

I have never read any Tolkien (I know that is hard to believe) but I do desperately want this book by Tolkien which I have been told is amazing. It contains  letters  from Father Christmas written to Tolkien’s children telling all about his life at the North Pole. Sounds enchanting. I am going to get a copy for my sisters and her family too. I will so enjoy reading these to my children and I think this may be our last year where they will have full credibility!



On a completely different note I want this very grown up book just for me . It came out earlier this year and I have been waiting for some down time to read it. Home is about courage and Morrison is such an amazing author I am sure this will be nothing short of inspiring. I have read everything she has written.

There has never been a Christmas in the last 20 years when I haven’t received my ‘comfort food’ book in the shape of a Danielle Steel novel. Her books for me are buttery mashed potato and a blanket on a cold day. Her latest book is I am sure equally escapist, luxurious , family rooted with a big love conquers all feel. How I love her books.


When (hopefully) I have received these three Christmas treasures all I need is a goodies filled M&S Christmas  hamper packed with wine, biscuits and some chocs perhaps. A big dose of peace and quiet would also be very welcomed.  I would also like a roaring fire, comfy PJ’s  and no work tomorrow.


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  1. Jo Jo King
    November 12, 2012 / 8:56 pm

    The book I have found for Christmas 2012 is called ‘Belstarr The Lost Toymaker’ The book which has been compared to the Grinch, sure does live up to the hype. A lost toymaker called ‘Belstarr’ is working on the toy line for a baddie, Drake Hausen, who wants to takeover Christmas. But Santa and Father Weisberg, Belstarr’s papa, have other ideas. A beautiful rhyme, perfect for Christmas spirit for children. My book choice for Christmas 2012. Love Jo Jo.

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