When I Think of London I Think of Some Amazing Books


When I think of London I think of…..


…the wonderful 84 Charring Cross Road

84 Charing Cross Road

and Sherlock Holmes

Complete Sherlock Holmes (Wordsworth Library Collection)

and the Wombles,

The Wombles


When my kids think of London  they think of very different books and themes. They think about cakes,  the Olympics, the Jubilee, crafting and 2 rather special books they have read this year. The elegant and educational  A Walk in London which we have reviewed and the fabulous London sticker activity book by Priddy (£3.99) which is full of pigeons and the wheels, crowns, taxis and big ben! It has lots for little ones too colouring, sticking and simple puzzles.  All good stuff to teach a child the magic of good old London Town.

This Lovely London mood board of colour and Britishness is my child centred, London themed mood board for mood board Monday hosted over at Love Chic Living and MummyLish




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  1. Can’t wait to take Littlelish sightseeing in London – she’s never been! Will definitely look at getting one of those sticker books for afterwards – how fun do they look! :)

  2. Marvelous ! Thank you for this article.

  3. I’m loving this Moodboard! What a great roundup of children’s books, particularly feel warm and fuzzy about the Wombles, and love the egg shells and cake display. Thanks so much for popping over and linking up :)

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