Review: Bear and Bird by Gwen Millard


Bear and Bird is by Gwen Millard and published by Egmont. It will be out on October 3rd 2012. Bear and Bird is  a sweet and simple book about friendship and looking out for each other.

Bear and bird  live together in the middle of a beautiful forest. Bear (as often happens in close relationships) seems to do all the work whilst bird lazes about and sings. But then one cold and snowy night when bear has gone out for wood he doesn’t come back…..bird learns a few things about friendship that night!

All ends well (of course) and it is a lovely lesson and theme on friendship to explore with kids as well as a heart warming story. The pictures are really delightful.

Bear and Bird (paperback/hardback £6.99/£10.99

My children both enjoyed this and we discussed it in relation to friendships and helping round the house a fair few times!

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