Competition and Review of Why Did Nobody Tell Me? by Mumsnet


If Gina Ford makes you want to hurl plates at the wall while downing neat vodka this book might be just what you are looking for

said the Evening Standard.

Well Gina Ford and rigid rules were never my kind of childrearing so I thought I might love this book. It is written by Natasha Joffe and Justine Roberts from Mumsnet. Mumsnet (for the uninitiated) is an online community of mum who have 2.5 million monthly members!!! It is a funny, forgiving accepting book that dispells myths of parenting designed to make us feel guilty or inadequate.

There is a little section entiled’ you dont have to bake with your kids’ and I a can almost feel a ganeration of non baking mums breathing a collective sigh of relief as we are told sharing a pizza in frot of the xfactor is bonding too. Well of course it is. It’s about time together and shared moments of joy. Whenever we bake in our house it can be a bit stressful tbh!

Basically this book is full of wisdom from the real mums of the Mumsnet forums and it’s a funny read, earthy and wise and it  helps you keep it real in a world of Mary Poppins like images and advice that often bombards us when we have kids.

I highly rate this.


How to win a copy of this book

I have a copy to give away so if you would like to win one tell me the best bit of advice or the silliest you were given when you had a baby ?



One entry per person. Comp closes on October 8th. Winner picked at random. UK  entries only please

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  1. Melanie Daniels says:

    We were bombarded with advice when I was pregnant and most of it was nonsense! I think each family is so different that you have to find your own way really. the best bit of advice we got was to ignore all the useless advicee and do it your own way!

  2. Silliest advice was that I needed to put my LO on a diet b/c he was too big at 5 months. He was almost purely breastfed for starters & the person saying this was a health visitor! He’s 2.5 now and just fine, being a huge baby was just how he was meant to be.

  3. Rebecca Beesley says:

    I remember what I thought was a very silly comment when i had my first and everyone used to say ‘enjoy this time with your baby because it will soon pass as they grow up so fast’ – after weeks and weeks of colicky crying, I thought that baby stage would never end and now my first ‘baby’ is eight and i look back and think – wow – they were so right. So i am trying to enjoy every single second with my littlest baby girl! x

  4. Listen to your instincts, you are the only one who knows your baby. You will know if they are ill even if nobody else does.


  5. Here’s my stupidest, from the mother in law who’s seen him twice since he was born (hence I took it with a pinch of salt..)

    ‘Leave him to cry, he’s having a tantrum and knows it’s annoying you.’

    He was 37 hours old.

    (Oh, and incidentally, this book may come in handy for me when Isaac is older and he can reiterate that ‘you don’t have to bake with kids’ thing as I bloody LOVE it and will probably force him into it :P)

  6. …Surely the silliest advice has to be when I called the labour ward with the first baby to say I’m in screaming labour and the midwife told me to “Take 2 paracetamol and have a nice warm bath!”

    Suffice to say I was a pro second time around and didn’t bother calling in. Just turned up in the throws of it and had my son 20 minutes later!! haha

  7. Best advice: Trust your own instincts!


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