Review: My Reward Chart Book by Priddy


My Reward Chart Book by Priddy  is packed full of fun activities and  stickers. It has 20 reward charts and loads and loads of star sticker as well as special ones that say superstar, good effort and well done (for really trying heard) .  It is the usual good quality we expect from Priddy. It has   sections on why its important to tidy up, bathe and get dressed etc so if these are your aims these will all help.

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You can put whatever tasks you want your child to focus on in the reward charts and then award stickers for each day of the week You can also photocopy the sheets and stick them on your fridge. they have different themes such as farm and underwater and are really child friendly. We currently have the cake one and space on on our fridge!

My Reward Chart by Priddy is an excellent book and my children have responded well to the bright colours, different themes and oh yes certificates too!! that come with it . Really great value at £5.99

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