The 3 Day Nanny by Kathryn Mewes


Kathryn Mewes book The 3 day Nanny promises simple three day solutions to sleeping, eating, potty training and behaviousr challenges, I have to say my first reaction was REALLY??? Wow.

Kathryin Mewews was a  Norland nammy for 16 years and now has a trouble shooting parenting service called the bespoke nanny. She should definately know her stuff but without breaking their spirit how on earth do you solve these problems in just 3 days?

Her tips for eating are sensible and clear and rely on you being boundaried and firm and you not worrying if your child does not eat.  Her tips for refusing to hold hands are to sit down each time he refuses too. I can see how these would work whilst on the plan but on a normal day if you have to be somewhere then what do you do? The idea is the habit should be broken and your child should now be doing as you want them too. Fair enough. Self discipline comes first I guess and that isn’t easy!  (and she hasn’t met my son!)

The book has detailed and supportive plans, answers loads of questions and deals with lots of common problems and variables. I am not convinced every child will change in 3 days but I think she dispenses absolutely spot on advice. I wish I had been firmer earlier as my kids are still fussy eaters. I am going to try her tips on them!

The 3 day Nanny is published by Vermilion: 2012   It has great reviews form parents who declare it really works!

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