Review: The Frank Show by David Mackintosh


The Frank Show  by David mackintosh is my favourite picture book so far this year. It is wiitty, repsectful and incredibly perceptive. It is so funny, it portays people and their relationships with a keen eye and its illustrations are clever, and symbolic. Wondeful!

Frank is just a grandad. He is portayed as negative, whiny, boring and prehistoric he is coloured greay. He is the very last person his little grandson wants to talk abnout in class but the only one available. Oh dear. his grandosn feels left out as everyones family members are so exciting in comparison. But Grandad Frank dazzles come sin to glorious colour and tells the exciting tales of his youth. Suddenly his little grandson sees him so differently.

My grandad often felt very negative about the present but he lit up a room when he talked of his dancing days or train driving during the war. He was fabuous when you got past the whole top of the pop sis rammel argument.

This book is about getting to really know our older genertion and hearing their tales Frank put son a great show, I love the tatooo!

A brilliant read and the illustrations really are top drawer!

The Frank Show

Harper Collins Childrens Book; June 2012  £5.99

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