Review: How to be a great mum


How to be a great mum explains straight away that being a gret mum is not the same as being a perfect mum , uit is osmething that takes both time and experience. This is a book full of advice, tips and tricks based on solid practical experience,

The book spans pregnancy to the teenage years and takes a common sense approcah to parenting that is firmly focussed on the well beeing of a mother and child.

I found this a really positive book that gave a lot of attention to emotional literacy and emotional support with scetions on nurturing your child and making them feel special running alongside practical topics like diet and exercsie. I thought it was well balanced, measured and useful.  It perhaps dealt with too much for the scope of  one paperback but I did think what it offered was of great quality.

The book costs £8.99 and is written by Tracey Godridge. Available from Amazon

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