I Feel Happy (with pull out pictures)


I Feel Happy is a brilliant little chunky board book from Little Learners. it has soft rounded edges and big easy slideouts for added interaction and fun.

Emotional literacy is key to a child being able to fully express themselves and be emotionally healthy and this book teaches very young children to identify and name their feelings. It has some sweet, expressive pictures of animals and lots of really good example of feelings e.g ‘I feel sad when I say goodbye to grandma.’ Parents can point to the tears and the downward mouth, ask their child what makes them sad, what cheers them up, etc. The sooner a child can talk about feelings the better able he is to relieve his frustrations in a more positive way. .It also describes (among other emotions) boredom, grumpiness and  even feeling full.

This is a smashing book with lovely pictures  and it is extremely useful too. RRP £4.99

emotions book for kids

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