What Books help you Manage Stress?


Books that help with stress relief specifically are really useful to me . Life is busy I have two small children 5 blogs!!! and a busy social and home life and sometimes it gets a bit much! Here are some of my top picks from books I have read over the last few years to helping me manage stress. Health and Vitality is a great book which I discovered a company named A.Vogel have a product for stress relief which is made from valerian-hops and is all natural which I like.








Banish Clutter Forever relieved a lot of stress in my homeand was a book that I have read again and again. It has really helped me reduce the ‘stuff’ sround me that always seemed to need sorting or clearing.

Banish Clutter Forever: How the Toothbrush Principle Will Change Your Life

Flip It is a great book for making me alter my perspective and stop being so negative. Positivity releieves stress  so quickly too.

Flip it: How to Get the Best Out of Everything

Leading on that I loved Positive Psychology for Dummies as it had lots of great tips and ideas about managing stress and keeping happy

Positive Psychology for Dummies

I quite fancy reading this next:

Kids Under Pressure: How to Raise a Stress-free and happy child: How to Help Your Child Cope with Stress


I’ve talked before how I find books a real help with life in general. They enable me to escape into an entirely other world. They help with stress relief. They give me information that makes life simpler or easier. They enable me to look at different viewpoints or learn a new skill. They entertain me, challenge me and stretch me. Reading really is amazing.What books help you with relieving stress?


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