Review: Now we have a baby


Having a new baby in the family can be a confusing, worrying, exciting, scary, funny time for other little children. It is a really good idea to talk it over with them before the event and give them some idea of what is about to happen. Now we have a baby is a sweet little board book by Lois Rock and illustrated by Jane Massey for Lion hudson.

New sibling book


The book describes what babies do and what this will mean the older child will need to do e.g ‘babies sleep a lot so you will sometimes need to be quiet.’ The book describes why babies need love and how the older child can help provide it and also how sometimes the older child may well feel left out and jealous. It also describes and shows through the emotive pictures how sometimes having a baby in the family is fun. Now we have a baby is  an excellent resource that doesn’t shirk the tough stuff but ultimately shows a sibling how positive having a new baby can be.


This book ‘s RRP is £3.99

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